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Oñate is fortunate to have a half-time counselor on staff. The counselor is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive counseling program. The counseling program provides education, prevention, and intervention services to help all students achieve academic success. The program consists of four components: guidance curriculum, responsive services, student planning, and system support.

  • Classroom guidance lessons are provided throughout the year. These lessons focus on various issues including problem-solving, decision making, relationships, conflict resolution, and bullying prevention.
  • Small group counseling sessions are also offered throughout the school year. Group counseling makes it possible to reach a large number of children who are experiencing similar issues in areas such as grief, self-esteem, friendship, divorce, and anger management. These groups provide students with support and guidance while helping them feel less isolated and alone. Parents will be notified when their children are selected to participate in small group counseling sessions.
  • The counselor meets with the student on a short-term basis when necessary. Most children, at some time in their school career, experience a problem or difficulty they are unable to solve by themselves. One of the counselor's main roles is to listen to these children and facilitate their problem-solving. If the problem cannot be solved at school, it is the counselor's responsibility to confer with parents or make the appropriate referral.
  • In addition, the counselor serves as a consultant to classroom teachers, a resource and support to parents, and a liaison to the community. With the use of these strategies and interventions, the counseling program is able to address the needs of the whole child. By working with the whole child, rather than just one aspect of the child, we are better able to break down barriers to learning and empower the child to succeed in school and in the world.

Counseling Resources

  • Elevation Counseling: 505-888-1686 
    3901 Louisiana Blvd. NE Ste C, Albuquerque NM 87110
  • Children Grief Center: 505-323-0478
    3001 Trellis Drive NW, Albuquerque NM 87107
  • Behavior Therapy Associates: 505-345-6100
    9426 Indian School Rd NE, Albuquerque NM 87112
  • Open Skies Health Care: 505-342-5424
  • Agave Health: 505-994-9178

Oñate Bully Proofing Pledge

We will not bully other students.

We will help others who are being bullied by speaking out and by getting adult help.

We will use extra effort to include all students in activities at our school.

We will be students who display the character counts traits.

Mission Statement

The mission of the School Counseling Program at Onate Elementary is to provide a comprehensive program that addresses the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students. The role of the school counselor is also to be an advocate for all students by enhancing the overall school climate through the facilitation of a character-driven, collaborative environment in which effective learning can take place. This advocacy will enhance academic achievement and student potential.

The school counselor will work in partnership with other educators, parents/guardians, and community contacts to support students. This partnership will help ensure that all students at Onate Elementary have the opportunities they need to acquire the knowledge and skills to meet their highest potential, become lifelong learners, and responsible, contributing citizens in our society.