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Garden Coordinators
  Rachel Greene Teacher

Garden Club

Dear Parents and Students,

Does working outside, gardening and eating fresh fruits and vegetables interest you? If you answered yes, then the Onate Elementary Garden Club is the place for you! 

The garden is an outdoor classroom where students can enhance confidence. I will help students develop a sense of accountability, and help promote a healthy lifestyle due to children having the opportunity to consume items grown in the garden. This program is a great opportunity for your child to learn Common Core Standards in a hands-on and fun manner. Gardening is an enjoyable activity to help children venture outside to witness the beauty of nature and the cycle of living things. 

During the school year, your child will participate in various gardening and composting activities. The activities will be closely monitored and structured by the classroom teachers and the Garden Coordinators. 

Garden Coordinators

Mrs. Greene

Mrs. Crouch

Mrs. Chavez

We want to say a special thanks to the following companies for donating materials to our Garden Club. 

Anything Sprinkler-Jay Kinsman

Lowes- Manager Eric

Thank you! You truly have made a difference.